Colorado Leagues Wrap Up Spring 2021 and CCS Bracket Takes Shape

Spring 2021 Leads Into Summer CCS Playoff
Published Jun 22, 2021

Spring 2021 Seasons Leads to a Summer CCS Playoff

As the Spring season concludes and teams take their results and final standings the Colorado Championship Series is in full motion getting team owner's commitments to a playoff where they will learn if they will host or travel to face another district league champion. 9 Colorado league champions will be offered the opportunity to compete for a seed in the 2022 NISA Independent Cup through the Mountain Premier League. The Mountain Premier League became a NISA affiliate league in 2020 along with the Southwest Premier League, Gulf Coast Premier League, Eastern Premier Soccer League and Midwest Premier League. 

If team owners chose to participate in CCS, their teams will host or travel to play games prior to a deadline for that round of play. The home team will be chosen on coin toss and instructed to contact the visitor and confirm their dates and times to play. When a date is agreed upon they will inform the tournament and the referees will be assigned.

In addition to the NISA Independent Cup seed the finalists will be invited to join the MPL for the 2021/22 season. CCS seeding was decided around the strength of teams records and history participating in the leagues.

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